Intrepid Nepal Pvt Ltd (INPL) is innovative Biotechnology organization with base in Canada and Nepal that is committed to provide Clinical Diagnostics tools and technologies. Intrepid Nepal Pvt Ltd (INPL) has been a pioneer in catering molecular diagnostic services in Nepal since 2009. It started providing the DNA diagnostic service since 2009 by providing viral load test. It has expanded its portfolio by providing the tests such as quantitative viral load test of hepatitis C virus. Hepatitis B virus and Human Papilloma virus utilizing the state of art real time PCR. Additionally, INPL routinely provides genotyping tests for Hepatitis C and Human Papilloma virus, thereby helping clinicians with therapeutic management and interring prognosis. With the cutting-edge technology of automated nucleic acid extraction, INPL has greatly enhanced its molecular diagnostic capabilities.

INPL houses Nepal’s only Illumina Miseq next generation sequencing (NGS) platform. It envisions launching NGS based molecular tests for various predictive oncogenic markers such as BCR-ABL, BRCA ½, EGFR, KRAS, ALK for chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), breast cancer and lungs cancer among others. The long-Term goal of the organization is to be the center for all infectious disease diagnosis for Nepal in collaboration with Centre of Molecular Dynamics Nepal CMDN)